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Easy Chocolate Truffles

1 1/2 pk Chocolate;semi sweet; 12 squares
1 8 ounces Pkg Cream Cheese; softened
3 c Powdered Sugar
1 tb Coffee liqueur
1 tb Orange liqueur
1 tb Almond liqueur
Nuts; chopped
Unsweetened cocoa
Flake coconut
Sprinkles; colored

Cook chocolate in large microwave-safe bowl on HIGH for 2 minutes,
stirring halfway through heating time. Stir until chocolate is melted.
Beat cream cheese in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed
until smooth. Gradually beat in sugar until well blended. Stir in
chocolate until blended. divide mixture into thirds, add 1 flavor liqueur
to each third; mix well. Refrigerate about 3 hours or until firm. Shape
into 1-inch balls. Roll in nuts, cocoa, coconut or sprinkles. Keep in
Refrigerator. Makes 5 dozen.


lukluk said...

what is liqueur? is it halal?

WanNo said...

liqueur is a sweet alcoholic beverage, often flavored with fruits, herbs, spices, flowers, seeds, roots, plants, barks, and sometimes cream... it is not halal.. if u're looking for halal food.. feel free to visit my other blog ... :)

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