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Egg Farci

6 hard-boiled eggs
2 cupfuls of mashed potatoes
1 cupful of finely chopped cold cooked meat
1 tablespoonful of chopped parsley
1 tablespoonful of butter
1 tablespoonful of flour
1 gill (a half cupful) of milk
1 level teaspoonful of salt
1 teaspoonful of onion juice
1 saltspoonful of pepper

Hard-boil the eggs, chop them fine, mix them with the meat, add the salt, pepper and parsley. Rub the butter and flour together, add the milk, stir until boiling; add this gradually to the potatoes. When smooth add the hard-boiled eggs, meat and parsley. Fill into small custard cups or into shirring dishes, brush with milk and brown in the oven. These make a nice supper or luncheon dish.

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