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Briani Rice with cashew nuts recipe


250 grams basmathi rice
125 grams A grade rice
3 tablespoon briani spice
2 spoon margarine
1 tablespoon milk powder
2 clove garlic
30 grams cashew nuts
20 grams raisin
Salt and sugar to taste
Enough water


Wash and rinse both basmathi rice and A grade rice.
Heat a pot. Melt margarine in the pot. Stir in garlic, briani spice, milk powder, alt and sugar. Then put in rice, cashew nuts and raisin. Heat until cooked.


Mohd Kamal said...

Emmm.., baru je tengahari tadi makan nasi bukhara. Cuma apa bezanye ngan nasi briani?

WanNo said...

Beza pada nama n rempah... heheh

Buy Nuts Online said...

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BigCloud said...

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Gourment Cashew Nuts said...

Wow looks very tempting. Thanks for sharing a very tasty recipe.

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