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Deep Fryer

Deep fryers are great for foods that need to be submerged in hot oil or fat such as French fries and fried chicken. Deep fryers consist of a deep cooking vessel with a mesh container or removable grill. You put the food on the grill and dip it into the heated oil. You also have the option to cover the lid while cooking the food, like turkey fryers.

Deep fryers are available as standalone units or can be combined with cooking ranges. You can also buy them as gas or electric. The gas deep fryer works with natural gas or LPG. Its burners are running through the oil or located outside the pot, which prevents the flavor of your food from getting dissolved into the oil. It is also capable of reducing too much browning on the food.You need to make sure about the efficiency of deep fryers by checking on the type of material that they are made of and how much they can handle.

For items that cook fast like chips and fries, pick an aluminum deep fryer because it is capable of heating up and cooling down quickly to prevent overcooking. A copper or a stainless steel model works best for larger meats and cuts since they retain heat better.

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