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Chicken Herbal Soup Recipe

Homemade chicken soup is good for warming you up and also good for your health. Old people may have been right about the benefits of homemade chicken soup. It has been proved with a study conducted by National University of Singapore. Result of the study found that a concentrated form of chicken soup can help keep the heart healthy.

There are so many recipes of chicken soups. Here is a delicious chicken herbal soup recipe:


1/2 a chicken, chopped into chunky pieces
20g tong sum
8 red dates, seeded
30g wai sun
1 carrot, cut into wedges
30g yuk chuk
1 litre hot water

Seasoning :
Salt and sugar to taste


Put all ingredients into a double-boiler pot and double-boil for 1–1 ½ hours. Add seasoning and serve soup while hot.


For yuk chok, get hoi chuk which is tastier and sweeter when cooked in soups. Chicken can be replaced with black chicken.


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Delicious! Not very hard to make and tastes very nice.

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