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Dyson vacuum cleaner

I’m looking for a vacuum cleaner for my home. As usual, I do my research before I buy. During my research I noticed that most of the wonderful reviews are for Dyson vacuum cleaners.

I visit Dyson website ( to get more information and make comparison on their product. I found out they have a very nice website. Their website design looks great and different compare with other regular shopping website. The layout is all in black with very creative touch. Here is snapshot of their website.

Dyson website is not only attractive but it is also user friendly. It’s not hard for you to make comparison between their vacuum cleaners products. Look at snapshot below, I just click at ‘upright’ tab and I got all information about upright vacuum range including prices. Their arrangement is excellent and comprehensible to make evaluation.

If you have any problem to choose the right vacuum cleaner for you, just click ‘help me choose’ tab on their website. You need to tick given features or needs that important for you. Once you submit, you’ll know the answer.

There are also parts and accessories for Dyson vacuum cleaner sell in their website according models. This makes things easier. You don’t have to browse to other pages of the website just to find parts and accessories for a unique model.

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