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Rancher's Gourment Steak

Rancher's Gourmet is a leader of online steak companies. They are one of the few suppliers of Kobe Beef, Filet Mignon, USDA Prime Beef and other assortments of food. Not only provide foods, they are also supply marvelous gift baskets collection for any events and holidays.

Rancher’s Gourmet keep original taste and freshness of the steak by bringing fresh of USDA graded beef into a large cooler for wet aging for twenty one days to ensure perfect tenderness and flavor before the beef is lastly sliced and packaged. The added time used up in a controlled environment creates an extra level of tenderness and flavor.

Kobe Beef or some folks called New York Strip, or Strip Steak, the Kobe Beef Kansas City Strip is one of the best steaks available on the market. The boneless strip offers the perfect blend of marbling and flavor. Perfect marbled USDA Prime Filet Mignon is hand picked by trained culinary professionals to ensure that customers receive the best steak one can find. Fork tender, their main filet is the essential choice for fine dining

Rancher’s Gourmet offers a great price for a great steak. If you are a steak lover, you should definitely visit to check their products and prices. You’ll love it.

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PRime Steak said...

Sounds like some good steaks. I can't wait to try their USDA prime steaks

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