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Fish Curry Recipe (mackerel)


4 pieces tenggiri fish (mackerel)
2 tomatoes — quartered
5 ladies' fingers
4 shallots — sliced
2 cloves garlic — sliced
2 green chillies
2 tbsps curry powder — blended with 2 tbsps water
2 cups thick coconut milk – Extracted from 1 coconut
½ cup tamarind juice
1 sprig curry leaves
2 tbsps oil
Salt to taste


1. Heat oil and fry the shallots and garlic until fragrant.
2. Add in the blended curry powder and stir until fragrant without letting it burn. Add in the curry leaves.
3. Add the coconut milk and bring to boil.
4. Add the tomatoes, ladies' fingers and tamarind juice. Cook for 10 minutes.
5. Put in the fish and bring to boil again, switch off the heat.

Serve hot with plain boiled rice.

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